A Collection Of Up-To-Date MBA Thesis Paper Topics In Finance

A thesis topic is not just a collection of words about an issue. It is a statement of intent and sets boundaries of how far you will be exploring an issue. It also gives an indication of your position or stand, which ignites expectations in the reader. Since you will spend the next few months working on the idea, you need to pay attention to the choices you make. What aspects of your topic will make your MBA work easier?

  • Researchable- this means that you choose a topic or area where information is available. It helps you avoid endless hours searching for non-existent data or supporting material. You will end up with shallow arguments or points that cannot be substantiated.
  • Relevant- identify an area or topic that resonates with finance or any other area you are studying. Such a topic should also seek to evaluate or provide a solution to an existing problem. Choose a topic that is befitting of an MBA thesis, not anything below or above. It gives you confidence that the work you produce will meet expected standards.
  • Unique- a unique topic takes you away from a pool of routinely studied and exhausted ideas. There is motivation in deriving new ideas or providing a new perspective to an issue. With a unique topic, your paper will be captivating and thus earn a better score.
  • Passion Driven- picking a topic from an area you are thoroughly interested in means that you will never face fatigue during research. Passion also comes with insight that allows you to produce better quality arguments. It is also an opportunity to make a contribution or change the world in an area that is close to your heart. The suggestions you make might capture global attention at one point, changing your fortunes in an instance.

Here are some of the topics in finance to consider for your MBA thesis

  1. The financial impact of Brexit on Europe
  2. The interest factor in micro finance banking
  3. The impact of improved access of money by women
  4. The value of access to credit by entrepreneurs
  5. Economic impact of reducing contractual age
  6. How to effectively deal with banks when in the wake of panic withdrawal
  7. When mobile phones become banks
  8. Financial stability amidst political turmoil
  9. The sustainability of oil based economies
  10. The true value of direct foreign investment
  11. Alternative investment as a way to grow wealth
  12. What is the value of paperless banking?

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