A Collection Of Well Thought-Out PhD Thesis Topics In Economics

Economics is a subject that is practical and efficient and can help you cement a good career in finances. However, before you can hope to make a career out of it, you must submit a proper thesis that showcases your writing talents, your creativity, your ability to analyse and above all else, your in-depth knowledge about economics and how you can apply the same to improve the existing research. Writing a paper can be a bit overwhelming for some students but if you understand the right method to proceed, it will be a piece of cake. Below are mentioned a few topics that you might consider.

List of economics thesis topics:

  • Write what you know about the current taxation policy and assess its value on the economy.
  • Understanding Structural Estimation in the Context of Models of Asymmetric Information and Matching.
  • What is Capital Structure and How is It Related to Product Market Competition?
  • Conduct an analysis of the current market power in the Alberta Electricity Market.
  • What is your opinion on trade liberalization and how do you think does it impact the consumer costs of tradable goods? Give evidence of your answer from the Consumer Price Index and the FTA.
  • What are the factors that impacts the expenditures of a democratic government? What sort of evidence can you find from Canadian Provincial Governments?
  • Can you explain some of the distributional effects that arise from programs involving income transfer as well as the transfer of personal income taxes?
  • Write a paper on international trade and the environment.
  • What are the effects of wind power on the Alberta Wholesale Electricity Market?
  • Adopt a Bayesian Approach to the subject of Antitrust Liability and show how it involves exclusive dealing as well as a predation?
  • What are the benefits of loyalty programs and how can they be understood through in the form of a review of the competition commissioner versus the Canada Pipe Case?
  • How does economic growth and environment relate to intergenerational externalities?
  • What impact does the government policy have on the development of natural resources?
  • Is it possible to measure energy efficiency in the field of economics and how is this related to the Shadow Value Approach?
  • Is it right to suppose that membership in international organizations affects incidence of child labour?
  • Conduct an empirical examination into the effects of endogenous growth on the exhaustible prices of resources.
  • How does the volatility of oil prices impact the Canadian macroeconomy?

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