A collection of the best thesis paper topics in US history.

US history has been one of the most successful subjects simply because the students who attend these classes usually show great interest in the actual material the class teaches. If you belong to this group of interested individuals you should learn how to successfully prepare a thesis paper using any section of the syllabus. Some scholarly students claim that their academic prowess can be all owed to these very assessments so give it a try before disregarding the concept.

The list below will contain a dynamic and comprehensive collection of the best thesis paper topics in US history. Please be advised that if anyone does not attempt every title at least once they would not get the most out of this exercise. The order in which I have placed each of the items was not intended to influence any decisions the student would naturally make so understand this. Share this list with the members of your study group if you belong to one. Doing so would reduce misunderstandings and standardize communication so make your choice.

  1. The American revolution can be used to create a superb paper for American history. Describe how the revolution could have been seriously altered if one or more persons or decisions were different in any way.
  2. Did the proclamation of the end of slavery really end at that time in America?: Case study in macroeconomics and the developing world.
  3. Has world war one been instrumental in Americas’ preparation for world war two? Describe what happened between the two world wars.
  4. Show how America fits into the international drug rings that experts say are quite present in today’s society. Present statistical data on this point for this paper.
  5. Do a case study on America and its economic state as they are currently the beholders of the reserve currency. Define the relation, if any, to the petrodollar being to valuable and powerful.
  6. When did America decide to become involved in world peace and significantly govern other socioeconomically and politically corrupt places in the world?
  7. Has the first black American president do a substantial job while in office? List the pros ans cons of his reign.
  8. Was the scenario depicted for the battle at the Alamo really what took place? Was the white man’s directive ultimately plagued by ill intention or was it their assailants who cast the first stone?
  9. Describe the key reported events that played off during the assassination of American presidents.
  10. Describe how the land of America got torn away from the clutches of the other European nations.

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