What Is The Main Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation Paper

Most universities do not differentiate between a thesis and a dissertation. In fact, with either of these papers, you will graduate with your PhD. It therefore might appear as an issue of semantics. However, there are clear differences between the two types of papers especially in terms of activities involved for you to come up with the paper. The easiest way to differentiate the two papers is to compare a dissertation paper sample and a sample thesis. Here are other differences you will identify between these two papers.

What Defines a Thesis

  • You utilize materials that have already been collected by other researches to complete your paper. This means that you do not have to collect new data in the field. It will save time and resources.
  • You are required to develop a hypothesis that will be based on researched work. This eliminates the need for new discoveries. Your attempt is to ascertain or negate the hypothesis.
  • Because of its shorter length, it takes a lesser time. This could be an option when you are constrained by time especially where you have to work or attend to other duties.
  • It is easier to get a scholarship compared to any other type of paper.
  • Your primary focus is usually your primary argument. This is what you spend time and resources trying to prove. There is no demand for a novel addition or invention.
  • The format is almost similar to that of a research paper as opposed to a book.
  • Even when you have to collect data, it is based on your hypothesis as opposed to an attempt to discover something new.
  • vIn most cases, they are used to obtain a masters degree.

Features That Define Dissertation Paper

  • You are required to conduct own research in order to complete your paper. This data collected is what helps you to come up with a novel invention.
  • It takes a longer time to complete, especially considering that you need to hit the field and collect raw data.
  • You need thorough knowledge of the discovery you are making. This is the only way you are going to justify your conclusion.
  • It is your background work that is the center of your arguments other than a hypothesis.
  • Your work revolves around theory and arguments around the data collected and new discovery made.

With an example dissertation paper, it is easier to differentiate it with a thesis. Get clear instructions from your supervisor on what is expected of you. Understand the characteristics of each to make it easier to compile the paper.

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