Dissertation Proposal Title Page Format: 4 Things To Be Aware Of

If you’ve ever written a dissertation proposal in the past, you already know that there are a number of requirements you must meet depending on the discipline you conduct the work in. Many students mistakenly leave the title page for last and then rush through its creation, thus committing a number of mistakes that could have easily been prevented if they had just paid more attention. The following are four things you need to be aware of in properly formatting a dissertation proposal title page:

  1. Make Sure the Margins and Font Match the Rest of the Proposal
  2. First of all you need to format the basics. Set your margins to 1-inch all the way around and choose the same font face and font size as the rest of the work, which should be easy to read both on screen and in-print. Center all of the text on this page and set your lines at single space.

  3. Properly Place Each of the Required Components on the Page
  4. The four major components of a standard dissertation proposal title page includes: the term “Research Proposal for Dissertation,” the title (and sub-title), your full name and the institution/advisor information. Provide equal spacing between each component and ensure you have properly used caps and non-caps. Don’t use any underlining, bold or italics. All text should be uniform.

  5. Ensure You’ve Included an Accurate Title of your Research Work
  6. Writing a title can be tough for many. The trick is ensuring your title is clear and concise, while describing exactly what the dissertation is about. Remove any unnecessary articles and ensure that the words you choose can be used as keywords that researchers will find your work by. Don’t use any abbreviations or initialisms. This will make your work harder to find in databases. The same goes for sub-titles, which should more precisely tell the reader what your work is about.

  7. Proofread the Entire Page No Matter How Simple it May Seem
  8. Finally, make sure you proofread the title page before calling your project complete. Again, this is one of the biggest mistakes students make: they believe that since there are just a few pieces of information they are unlikely to have made any errors to grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Surprisingly, we seen a large number of proposals filled with a large number of errors on the title page alone, probably because students just gloss over the content.

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