PhD Dissertation Topics In Business You Should Pay Heed To

When studying business, you will most likely look at a wide variety of different concepts relating to the subject. Furthermore, you may be looking at businesses on a small scale, possibly in the local area, as well as big multinationals that have interest in many different countries. Ultimately, in order to choose a good topic, you need to choose something that is relevant and suitable to the aims and interests of the work that you will be doing.

Another thing to be aware of when choosing a topic is to be sure that you can research the work as thoroughly as possible. Whilst it may seem captivating and interesting to write about a particular topic, it will be very difficult to learn more about that particular area of business, then it may not necessarily be worth the hassle.

In order to give you some ideas of what to write about, you may wish to look in the business section of newspapers and on news websites; furthermore, you will find a range of different suggestions on websites across the Internet, as well as some of the ideas listed below.

  • Would businesses be more productive if they required employees to work fewer hours or days per week?
  • In relation to trade agreements, what is the future for businesses in the European Union over the next two decades?
  • What challenges of faced by companies who produce technological devices, considering how quickly the market changes in modern times?
  • Outline and discuss the failures of a company to change and adapt to surrounding market conditions?
  • What can businesses do to prevent major losses (or worse) in the event of a catastrophic event - for example, an oil leak or helicopter crash at an oil rig?
  • Outline and discuss the use of privacy laws in the workplace, and whether or not employers should have the right to snoop on emails and other electronic communication, even if those messages do not necessarily relate to the company, but are in fact private?
  • In a capitalist society, should wages be based on a performance -related pay?
  • Why do bankers and other individuals still get given huge bonuses despite massive losses?
  • How does the supply chain work, and can businesses be responsible for a neglect of human rights by companies further down the production chain?
  • How is viral marketing changing the way in which businesses advertise and promote themselves?

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