Searching For Music Dissertations: Get A Great Example To Follow

Completing a music dissertation is a taxing engagement considering the number of scholars in this field. Your paper will also receive a lot of scrutiny because you are one among the few PhD holders in the field. You therefore need to produce the most captivating paper. A few elements will determine the quality of your paper and eventual grade.


It is easy to ignore this element yet it is the most important. It will affect every other activity you engage in relation to your paper. The few words forming your title must be interesting and captivating. They must also arouse a great deal of curiosity to convince any person who encounters your paper to read beyond. You need a specific topic that clearly states what the paper is about. With that, the expectations generated must be legitimate and perfectly represented in the paper. Here are music dissertation topics that will captivate your reader.

  1. The challenge of selling albums in present day digital environment.
  2. The advantage internet and technology have brought to marketing of music.
  3. Is globalization good or bad for native rhythms?
  4. Is there an era when music seems to be better than the other?
  5. Are sound software making musical artists lazy or more creative?
  6. Musicians as role models in the society.
  7. How is terrorism affecting crowd performances.
  8. What is the role of musicians in advocating for social justice.
  9. How does the environment influence the instruments and rhythms used in music production?
  10. Is music spontaneous or should an artist spend time composing?
  11. The potential of pursuing classical music as a career.


Your paper must adopt the right academic structure. This means having an introduction, body and conclusion. The sections might change depending on instructions given by your supervisor or department. Use templates of doctoral dissertations in music to ensure that you get the structure or format right.

Regularly consult with your supervisor to ensure that your paper is well written step by step. In case you make the wrong turn, it will be detected early. Samples will also help you to get the structure right. Source these samples from credible places like the library or reliable databases.

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