An Ultimate Manual For Writing An Essay On Psychology

Writing an essay on a topic in psychology is really no different than writing any other type of essay. It will combine your skills of word choice and grammar with your ability to comprehend the given material and your skills of evaluation. So, go forth, choose a topic, complete a little research from some well-grounded opinions, and then get to writing!

Choosing a topic

First off, if your teacher or professor only assigned you one topic, make sure you understand what that prompt is asking you to do. If you are unclear, ask your instructor. They will be more than happy to explain it and help you earn a good grade. If you are lucky enough to get to pick your topic, or you have a choice of prompts, consider the following questions.

  • Are there multiple theories about your topic? Considering this question will help you see multiple interpretations of the same topic. For instance, there are several thoughts on behavioral evolution and how and when the mind advances to the next, more sophisticated stage of thinking.
  • What is your theory called? This is important because psychology has a few theories that are similarly named. Make sure you have that down.
  • Are you interested in the theory? Seems silly, but if you don’t have any interest in the theory, writing the paper will be a struggle. Find something interesting to you.

Once you have chosen your topic and conducted your research, you are ready to move on to the writing portion of your essay, which also means you are ready to do some thinking and analysis or evaluation of the topic you have chosen for your paper.

Evaluating your topic

Consider the following points when embarking on analyzing your topic and composing your paper. Remember, your instructor is looking for a solid blend of knowledge of the topic and your interpretation and analysis of that topic.

  • If your topic has two or more theories, quickly explain the subtleties of each and then evaluate the effectiveness of each theory and which you think has the most validity in the field.
  • If there is a medication or a controversial treatment for your topic, inform your reader about that procedure and then evaluate whether or not that is the best way to treat that particular ailment.

Of course, there are many other ways you could write your paper, but if you follow a logical order in your essay, first introducing your topic and giving the information the reader needs from your knowledge, then evaluating that topic and presenting your analysis and evaluation in a manner that is understandable to your reader.

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