The Most Popular Dissertation Research Questions For You To Know

So you want to write an action research dissertation? Let us begin with a simple definition. How is it different from the other types of papers? This is a paper that has two angles. The first is an aim to help the society or organization where the survey is conducted. The second aim is to enhance the understanding of the researcher or the client on issues prevailing in the area. In fact, in most cases the emphasis is on action with research being a secondary benefit.

What should you expect with an action research?

There is a cyclic approach to action. This is where there is a planning or intentions before real action. The action is then followed by a review or critique where a different set of action is taken.

This approach to research is largely considered as qualitative. This is because it generates more responsive conclusions. In fact, the fact that there situation requires particular responses is why a scholar would settle for action research.
There is a great deal of participation among the subjects targeted by the research. This is one way of bringing the desired change. Through participation, the leader is able to instill greater commitment. As such, the outcome will not belong to the researcher but the community. It makes it easier for the subjects to sustain the momentum of the intended actions.
Qualitative data obtained and the participation of target subjects raises the value of research and conclusions obtained. This means that the time and resource spent will have a greater social impact. This is a great advantage compared to other scholarly works that remain in the shelves of libraries yet are funded and supported by the community. To understand this form of research better, get an action research dissertation sample from the library, online database or your supervisor. Here are excellent research questions for you to consider.

  1. The disruptive effect of technology use in a family
  2. Changing role of women in a family
  3. What the auto-driven car means for road safety
  4. The downside of chemical use in agriculture
  5. The changing concept of home ownership
  6. Global warming at domestic scale
  7. The use gadgets to improve studying in schools
  8. The role of individuals in curbing terrorism
  9. Improving our lives through healthy choices
  10. The defeatist approach to women empowerment

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