Fine Art Dissertation: Key Things To Writing A Superb Thesis

A history of art dissertation gives you a chance to explore one of the most fascinating subjects in academia. However, your approach to the paper will determine how well you perform and the reception your paper gets from readers. There are important elements to consider when writing in order to improve the quality of work you produce.

Choice of Topic

The topic will headline your work. It is the first encounter a reader has with your paper. Unless it is impressive and captivating, readers are likely to drop your paper immediately they lay their hands on it. How should you choose your topic?

  1. Freshness - every reader wants a subject that is new. Though you are talking about history, you must identify a fresh perspective to anchor your discussion. The old discussions have already be exhausted in books, journals, articles, documentaries, etc.
  2. Captivating - at this academic level, readers are looking for critical thinking and though provoking discussions. You therefore need a topic that ignites an avalanche of thoughts such that the reader becomes curious of the content of your paper.
  3. Specific - history is so wide and so is art. It is impossible to fit either of them in a single paper. Identify the type of art you wish to focus on. Further identify the time in history whose art you want to discuss. A reader should get an idea of what is to be covered by looking at your title.
  4. Here are excellent art dissertation ideas to consider

    • Is captioning of images on platforms like social media or internet the new form of art?
    • What contribution does the pop culture have over graffiti today?
    • What differentiates minimalistic and abstract art?
    • How effective is art therapy in the face of disasters?
    • The use of nude paintings was prominent in times of war. How ethic is such an act?
    • The public sees whatever they want. How does that assign value to art?
    • Is protest graffiti on public properties ethical or should the artists be prosecuted?
    • How has the environment influenced the finesse of art over the years?
    • Is commercialization making art better or taking away the shine?
    • Chose a famous artist in history and one today and compare their works.

    Using art dissertation examples makes it easier to craft a title for your paper. Ensure that the example is proofread by your supervisor. You may also obtain credible examples from the library or online databases.

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