What Does A Properly Organized Dissertation Bibliography Look Like?

Details influence your grade for a dissertation greatly, as professors usually look at them before even reading the paper. These details include formatting, paragraphs, bibliography, etc., and the latter is usually the most troublesome. Some students don’t note bibliographical information while searching for materials, others just don’t format the list in the right way. All these minor mistakes can become deciding when the grade is balancing between A and B.

Creating an Organized Dissertation Bibliography

In order to make a proper bibliography list, you need to:

  • Mind the format.
  • Ask your supervisor about the format the bibliography must be written in for your educational establishment. The requirements can vary from one school to another, so it’s important that you know the format and stick to it.

  • Note all the information while searching for sources.
  • When you are gathering materials for every part of the paper, make sure you note all the necessary information about books, journals, and other sources. It will be much more convenient for you to create your bibliography by just rewriting the contents of the list and formatting it the necessary way.

  • Be updated.
  • Make sure you use only reliable sources that are relatable to the topic. The list will be checked by your professor, and if he or she finds something that doesn’t fit the topic, you may get in trouble.

  • Alphabetize the names.
  • Make sure your list of references is alphabetized, as it’s more comfortable for you and the readers to navigate an organized list. It’s easy to find the necessary book if you alphabetize the list. Moreover, this point is often on the requirements list, so it will be bad if you forget about it.

The Importance of Bibliography

A dissertation is usually written to show how good your skills in gathering information and conducting a unique research based on it are. The ability to choose the right sources for a paper is precious for you as for a student, so there is no wonder it has to be evaluated by your teacher. The knowledge of all the requirements will also show a lot about you as a responsible student, which will improve the overall grade for your paper.

The grade consists of two parts: the evaluation of the contents and of the formatting details. If all details are intact, you will get a better mark, even if there are certain troubles with the contents of the paper. So make sure you pay lots of attention to your bibliography, as well as to all other important formatting details.

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