Main Elements Of The Dissertation Proposal Structure

Whether you writer a proposal or not depends on the department or university. There are instances where you will write and others where you will not be required to write. Even where you are not required to write a proposal, it helps to create an informal one for your own benefit. It gives you a guide on the journey you are about to embark. There are universities where it forms part of your final grade. This is why you need to pay utmost attention to the drafting process.

What is a dissertation proposal?

This is a brief description of your paper capturing the main elements of your research.

  • It describes what the paper is about
  • The questions you are likely to explore
  • Theoretical background and some references
  • The research methods you will use
  • Expected results from your research
The language used when writing the proposal is anticipatory. You will be telling the reader what you anticipate to do. In fact, you do not have to follow everything you have indicated since in the process of literature review or data collection, your objectives might be altered. This document is only meant to inform your supervisor that you understand the magnitude of what lies ahead and have an idea of what is expected.

Chapters of a Proposal

With the assistance of a dissertation proposal outline, you can understand better the chapters that will appear on the proposal. Ensure that the outline is obtained from such credible sources as the library, credible database or from your supervisor.

  • Introduction
    It gives your main research question and a context or background. This should be as brief as a single paragraph.
  • Methodology
    This is a statement of the data collection and analysis methods you will use. You must justify the choice and explain why alternative methods cannot deliver expected results.
  • Aims and Objectives
    This is an indication of what you aim to achieve through the research. There must be consistency in the data collected, the methods of analysis and the objectives. Include literature review anticipation and the constrains or restrictions you expect to encounter.
A dissertation proposal template will give you the best guidance. The template only captures the frame or main sections of the paper. It will be up to you to fill the content of your proposal. Ensure that you obtain the template or sample from a reliable source. Using a wrong sample will derail your work and result in a poor quality paper.

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