List Of Unique Topic Ideas For A Math Dissertation

The most important thing when you have to prepare a math dissertation is to find the right topic. When you have a good topic there will also be better and more interesting content. You have to be able to do research and to write a lot about that specific field. The dissertation is of course one of the most important parts of the education and you should make sure to choose the best topic.

We will provide you with the most unique topic ideas for the math dissertation.

  1. Examinations of popular theories and theorems
  2. - Here you will be able to talk about the latest and most popular theories and theorems.You can make a research about the steps taken to prove them.

  3. An in depth study into analytic number theory
  4. - This topic will allow you to do research about the analytic number theory and it is always interesting to read about this topic.

  5. The Four Color Theorem
  6. - This is probably the most famous unsolved problem in mathematics, and when you start to explore it, it can be very interesting for you too.

  7. Models of Tumor Growth
  8. -The Gompertz growth law, = b N log(), is the model used for growth of tumor. You can do a lot of exploring here and write a lot content about it.

  9. Prime Number Theorem
  10. -Mathematicians have tried to solve this irregular distribution of prime numbers for thousands of years. You can talk about the greatest Mathematicians that tried to prove the theory of functions of a complex variable.

  11. Representation Theory
  12. -This is one of the most useful areas of mathematics. It was introduced by Frobenius in 1896 and he wanted to generalize the theory of characters of finite abelian groups.

  13. Lie Groups
  14. -The Lie groups had a big influence in mathematics, but in physics and chemistry too. The thesis can study the manifold theory and the theory of matrix groups.

  15. History of Mathematics
  16. - Here you are able to write about a lot of things. You can talk about any field of mathematics and turn it into a thesis. You can talk about the history of a specific branch of mathematics.

  17. Tilings and Patterns
  18. - Tilings have been studied for a long period of time, but designs are a relatively new field. You can do a lot of reaserch about it.

  19. The Erlangen Program
  20. - Erlangen Program is a new method for studying and characterizing geometries based on group theory and symmetries. This could be an interesting and unique topic for the math dissertation.

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